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Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time in a small kingdom, something wonderful happened. “Good news! Good news! ”yelled the town crier.

Everyone went to the party for the baby princess at the palace. Thirteen magic fairies came to greet her. They wanted to give her some lovely gifts.

“I will give her glowing beauty, ”said the beautiful fairy. “I will give her a kind heart,”said the kind fairy. “I will give her a golden hair,”said the golden fairy. “I will give her a cute smile,” said the cute fairy. “I will give her a cheerful spirit,”said the happy fairy. “I will give her a angel’s voice,”said the singing fairy. “I will give her a diamond ring,”said the rich fairy.“I will give her a pearl necklace,”said the elegant fairy. “I will give her some toys,”said the funny fairy.“l will give her a fluffy dog,” said the freckled fairy. “I will give her a rose garden,”said the flowery fairy. “I will give her magic shoes,”said the dancing fairy.

The thirteenth fairy was an evil fairy. She said,“I will give her only eighteen years to live. On her eighteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on a spindle and die. ” The queen cried,“No! No!” The king shouted,“Remove the fairy at once,”

The kind fairy said,“No. She will not die, but her and all your kingdom will sleep for one hundred years. ” The king cried,“No! Quick! Find every spindle in the kingdom. Break each one and burn them all.”

Time passed by. The princess had a very happy childhood. She sang and danced every day. “My daughter is the most beautiful girl in the kingdom,”said the queen.

“Today I am eighteen,”said the princess. “I will have a party in my rose garden.” She walked around the garden. Suddenly, she saw a strange door behind some vines.

The princess opened the door. She saw an old woman sitting by a spindle. “What is that?”the princess asked. “Come over here and I will show you,”said the old woman. The princesses reached out and touch the spindle. She pricked her finger. “Ouch!”she cried.

“Hee! Hee! Hee! My curse has come true!”laughed the evil fairy. The princess fell on a bad and went into a deep sleep.

The king yawned and said,“I feel sleepy.” The queen said,“I can hardly keep my eyes open.” The fluffy dog snored loudly in the rose garden. Everyone in the kingdom fell into a deep sleep.

The whole kingdom slept for many years. Trees and vines grew everywhere. They covered the walls and gates of the kingdom.

The story of Sleeping Beauty spread all over the world. Many princes from other kingdoms came and tried to break the curse. No one could do it.

One day, a handsome prince rode his horse by the rose gate. “Stop here!”said the prince. The horse stopped and the prince took out his sword. Whack! Whack! Whack! He chopped at the vines.

The prince walked into the palace and found everyone asleep. “This must be the cursed kingdom,”said the prince. He saw the strange door and opened it.

Suddenly, he saw Sleeping Beauty. He looked at her golden hair and said,“She is the most beautiful girl in the world!” Then he bent down and kissed her.

Sleeping Beauty opened her eyes and asked,“Who are you?” “I am a prince, my Sleeping Beauty,”he answered. All the people belong to wake up from the deep sleep. “Hurray!”everyone cried out loudly. “We are awake!” The prince and Sleeping Beauty fell in love.

“Will you marry me?”ask the prince. “Yes,”answered the princess. The prince and the princess got married.

Meanwhile, the twelve good fairies had a party for the evil fairy. They gave her a gift. When she opened it, she pricked her finger on the spindle inside. The evil fairy fell into a deep sleep for one hundred years. Everyone was very happy.




The end

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